Heal by Choice Cruise Retreat

Eight days + seven nights devoted entirely to healing your heart after loss.

November 5-12, 2017 :: Mexican Riviera


"Healing doesn't mean being restored to who you were before your loss, it means becoming who you want to be after."

-Rachel Tenpenny Crawford

Choose Healing

With 20+ hours of Heart Stewardship education learn how to emotionally process your loss and become a proactive participant in your healing journey in the comfort of an all-inclusive cruise and the beauty of the open ocean. 

Set on the majestic Emerald Princess cruise ship, Heal by Choice Cruise Retreat is a 6-night, 7-day all-inclusive heart-healing retreat for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

This cruise will be hosted by teacher, speaker, writer, and Heart Stewardship Curriculum creator Rachel Crawford and will sail from the port of Los Angeles to the Mexican Riviera, November 5-12, 2017.

As a Heal by Choice Cruise Retreat attendee, you will participate in the powerful Heart Stewardship Program, a 20+ hour heart-healing educational course that will teach you how to emotionally process your loss and be a proactive participant in your healing journey. You will have access to daily seminars, elective workshops, healing yoga, Teamotions emotional well-being tea, and a caring staff to guide and help you through every aspect of the retreat.

If your heart is broken and you are desperate for relief from your pain and you wish to experience joy and peace again after profound loss - this is your opportunity. Join us to restore hope and heart-healing that lasts a lifetime.

Hope Again

Your heart is safe here.

Heart Stewardship Program

The Heart Stewardship Program is the first of it's kind to focus on the whole you - the person who experienced the loss - and your heart, not the person you lost. This dynamic shift in perspective allows for heart-centered healing that lasts.

Your heart will be treated with the sensitivity it deserves and protected from unhelpful motivational pep-talks, cliches, and platitudes. You will not be told everything happens for a reason, that your loss is good in disguise, or that your pain can be remedied with gratitude. Grief is not a perspective problem, it is normal and natural. Your pain is valid and there is nothing wrong with you for hurting. As a matter of fact, your pain is a reflection of everything that is right with you. It shows that you are a feeling human capable of love and your love doesn't have to sentence you to a lifetime of hurting. The Heart Stewardship Program will show you how to restore healing to your broken heart.

The Heart Stewardship Program will teach you:

- How to get to know your heart, not just your grief.

- How to take responsibility for your own heart and become proactive in your healing, instead of reactive.

- How to care for yourself during each phase of grief (surviving, reviving, and thriving).

- How to expand your emotional vocabulary to give your heart a voice.

- How to identify common grief myths, misunderstandings, and false beliefs that interfere with healing.

- How to differentiate between healing, catharsis, and temporary relief behaviors.

- How to tell the truth about yourself

- How to resolve lingering pain, anger, and regret.

- How choosing to heal doesn't mean forgetting your loved one or loving them less.

- How to resolve guilt and resentment.

- How to implement practical tools and skills to help you take care of your whole self and cultivate healing that lasts: this includes the importance of rest, nutrition, exercise, and relationships in your healing.

Your Heart Matters

Because healing is emotional, not intellectual.

What sets Heal by Choice Cruise Retreats apart from other retreats and support groups is our commitment to a heart-centered approach that works. You will learn how tend to your heart for a lifetime of lasting healing. Your heart will be the focus of every part of this retreat. Helping you find lasting relief from your pain extends to every aspect of the retreat and with that includes what is part of your experience - and what is not.

As a result, certain activities will not be part of your retreat experience; group story telling/sharing, talk therapy, being grouped or separated by loss type, memorializing of the dead, or attempting to connect with the dead "on the other side."

These activities, while common in today's grief culture, are not heart-centered action steps and work against cultivating healing that lasts. They can be cathartic for a time, providing temporary relief or distraction from pain, but catharsis alone does not heal.

As you build relationships with other retreat attendees, you may want to share your story during your personal retreat time. Feel free to bring photos or mementos of your lost loved one with you if you feel comfortable to do so.

Rachel believes your lost loved one is honored more in your healing than your hurting therefore the emphasis will be on healing your heart to empower you with the ability to choose how you will remember and connect to your lost loved one after you find healing for your heart, not instead of. 

Rest and Rejuvinate

Enhance your healing experience with sunshine, fresh air, Teamotions line of emotional well-being teas, and daily healing yoga.

Retreat Itinerary

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul while you spend time in the peace and beauty of the Pacific ocean with full access to the ships amenities including the spa, gym, pools, and restaurants. Allow the ship to take care of your every need while you tend to your heart and begin to relieve your pain and heal.

Mid-week, enjoy beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas. Put your feet in the sand, bask in the sun, and foster relationships with other attendees during fun and relaxing days off the ship.

Evening healing yoga specially created for the retreat will help you achieve restful sleep and Teamotions emotional well-being teas will be available throughout the retreat for your comfort and enjoyment.

Connect with Others

You don't have to do it alone. Heart-healing support and friendship await.

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If your heart is broken and you are desperate for relief and want healing, join Rachel and others like her who have chosen the same. You will find an accepting, supportive, and encouraging group of people on the same journey as you. We will make sure you are cared for the entire time - beginning to end - and beyond!

Healing awaits! We have a place for you. Come as you are. You are welcome here. 

Meet Rachel and learn how the retreat will change your life and heal your heart.

Want healing? Join us! We'd love to have you.

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